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Mr Turbo celebrates 30 years of record-breaking performance

2010 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Mr Turbo. When the doors opened in 1980, turbo motorcycles were rare. But, with new innovative ideas, a championship race team on the track, and record setting R&D work, Mr Turbo changed the face of high performance motorcycles forever. These days, it's rare to go to your local drag strip and not see bikes with turbos. From the first KZ900 turbo systems that we started with in 1980, to the monster horsepower Hayabusas and ZX-14s of today, it's much easier to run into a turbo bike today thanks to those humble beginnings.

Many groundbreaking ideas and products have originated from the back room workshop at Mr Turbo over the years. Breakthroughs such as multi-stage wastegates, boost controllers, electronic fuel injection, and water injection, not to mention, a number of engine and chassis component improvements, which were given birth through the riggers of the racing environment that has been so rewarding to us and our customers.

There have been more records set and championships won in these past 30 years, not only by our in-house efforts but more importantly, our many customers, who have chosen the Mr Turbo products and expert technical help to achieve their own dreams and goals. To these folks, we are sincerely grateful.

In fact, to help us celebrate these 30 years of success, we are inviting everyone, who has or has had a Mr Turbo kit on their street or race bike, to dig out those old photos of your glory days. Whether they are from 30 years ago or yesterday, we would love to see those pictures along with the stories behind them.

Many of the big names in motorcycle racing have purchased, sold, and raced with Mr Turbo products over the years, and we would love to include their stories on our "30 years" spot on our website. So, if you have pictures of yourself or someone that you remember running a turbo street or race bike, get those images to us. Send them by snail-mail or email, and we'll get this party started. We're going to start it off with some pictures of our own as we add to the list throughout the year.

So, from all of us here at Mr Turbo, Happy New Year, and thanks for being a part of a very colorful history in the world of motorcycle high performance.

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Houston, TX 77093

Checkout the beginning of our photo album on facebook, or here on MrTurbo.com.

Company History

Ted HoffmeisterMr Turbo, like many businesses, started out as a hobby. Ted Hoffmeister was a very eager enthusiast, from the Chicago area, who in the late 70’s teamed up with industry and drag racing pioneer, Ken Tipton of MTC Engineering. Turbo charging motorcycles was still in its infancy back then, and with the right influence from Tipton, Hoffmeister proceeded to bring turbo street and drag bikes to the fore front of the high performance motorcycle scene. Tipton and Hoffmeister shared in the early development and ingenuity of those first KZ 900 and GS 1100 systems, bringing new technology and first class machining techniques to the table for the first time. “Billet” was not even a coined phrase at that point in time, but billet parts were part of the “clean and sanitary” look, seen in these new hot rod parts for bikes. Hoffmeister even spent time in the early stages of planning this business, with the original turbo system innovator, Bill Hahn Sr.Burnout

So, all the right guys were in place and the planning and scheming with each other to produce a solid reliable product for the market place was in the works. What they needed next was a successful racing team to race their product on Sunday so it could sell on Monday. Tipton already had that sorted out with his current involvement with Parsons and Kizer Racing out of Houston. At the end of 1979, they had just sewed up their first National Championship and a host of national quarter mile records. Just in time for the launch of this new turbo system manufacturer, Mr Turbo, to splash onto the scene.

Over the next several years, this foursome was responsible for dozens of national records, not to mention four more national championships. As time went by, Hoffmeister built the business up to include systems for many of the popular bikes of the day, and brought other family members into the mix, including the start of a very successful racing team of their own, with son T.J. It’s hard to believe, but over the years, starting with the Parsons and Kizer Team Orientteam, the Hoffmeister team, people like George Bryce, Jack O’Malley, and many other well known names in drag racing, this company has been able to lay claim to over 30 national and international championships and literally hundreds of speed records worldwide. Quite an accomplishment for what started out as a hobby in a Chicago garage.

At this point, this little turbo business had turned into quite a machine shop that was, in itself, quite successful. So, the Hoffmeister family decided to step away from the turbo business to concentrate on the machine shop, and made a deal with, long-time friend and racer, Terry Kizer to buy and relocate the business to Houston, which started a new chapter for Mr Turbo.Burnout

Kizer hit the ground running relying on his many years of building, fabricating, and racing motorcycles with, long-time racing partner, Mo Parsons. The OEM manufacturers were releasing the new generation of four valve water-cooled engines at this time, so new turbo systems would need to be developed for the customer interested in the newest technology. These new bikes came on the scene lighter, faster, and handling better than ever before. But, they still lacked the newest technology seen in the automotive industry, electronic fuel injection. So, the first thing on Kizer’s agenda for 1990 was to build and market the first aftermarket EFI turbo system for motorcycles.

OrientThe Kawasaki ZX-11 was the new king of street bike wars, and the perfect candidate for this new system. The ZX-11 proved to be an eye opening experience when coupled with this new EFI-turbo system. For the next decade, Kizer and the Mr Turbo crew developed many history making efforts with this bike. A number of magazines covered these exploits, including the first street bike, breaking the 200 mph barrier, winning the Daytona Horsepower Shootout several times with record breaking efforts, and building and racing the first push button start, six second pro mod, and funny bike drag bikes.

Through the years, Kizer admits he has been very blessed to have been surrounded by a long list of special people who were all influential in his success in this sport.

Pull out almost any record book, check out any national event win roster from many of the “early days” in motorcycle drag racing, and you will find the name Terry Kizer engraved somewhere in the print.Motor Cyclist Magazine

Since 1978, he’s set so many milestones, collected so many wins, and amazed so many with the extreme horsepower that his Mr Turbo systems could offer, that his name is now an icon in the performance industry.

His credits, to date, include nine national drag racing championships, dozens of national drag racing E.T. and M.P.H. records, and many firsts including, the first seven second pass on gasoline, the first six second pass on gasoline, and the first to build and put a street bike over 200 mph. Of late, Terry has turned his attention to the Bonneville Salt Flats and other top speed venues helping people achieve records of their own. Along with friend and fellow racer, Sam Wheeler, Terry helped him achieve a life-long pursuit of becoming the fastest man on two wheels. Terry builds the engine, and tunes the E-Z Hook Streamliner to speeds, so far, over 360 mph. Currently their quest is to shoot for 400 mph. A goal only dreamed about a few years ago, but may be achievable in the near future.

Terry KizerAlong with some of his own high speed exploits, like piloting Scott Guthrie’s ALKY Busa to 247 mph at the Texas Mile, this past season, he is involved with a number of drag racers and top speed racers, who are setting records of their own using Mr Turbo systems to build the power needed for their own conquest. (See Team Mr Turbo Section.)

The World of High Performance
The world has adapted to the every day affixation of hi-tech and hi-performance. Everything from their television to the vehicles they drive. Factory cars and motorcycles are hot rods compared to their predecessors of yesteryear. Want an example, compare the 2008 Hayabusa or ZX-14 to an early Kawasaki KZ 900.

Today’s consumer demands maximum performance. Technology in any form of motorsports, places turbocharging and digital fuel injection at the top of the must have list. In the motorcycle industry, Mr Turbo was, and is, the leader in bringing that technology into play. Not only for full blown race bikes, but for daily driven street warriors as well.

Mr Turbo is the answer for the true high performance enthusiast, offering the highest quality in aftermarket fuel injection and turbocharging for the motorcycle industry. Mr Turbo is recognized as the leader in the industry for hi-performance at an affordable price. The low cost and low maintenance of turbocharging is the most reliable and efficient way to satisfy the consumers demands.

Mr Turbo will be celebrating it’s 29th year this year, and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, as we look forward to new products coming on line, new racing challenges to tackle and new friends to make. Join us and give us a call with your racing or street bike needs.