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Customer Gallery

Dave Gibson @ East Coast ATV
Suzuki Busa powered ATV

Check out East Coast ATV’s Busa powered 4 wheeler. Owner Dave Gibson specializes in mixing ATV chassis, 1/8-mile drag strips and the brute horsepower of a Mr. Turbo powered Hayabusa into this insane ride you see here. Utilizing a strip down version of our base line street system Dave is having a blast at the track and impressing spectators with soft test session ET’s of 10.00’s at 133 mph. This is over the top power in an ATV but with a wheelie bar out back and a little nerve, Look Out! Check out there web site at www.eastcoastatvonline.com and a video of this bike on youtube.com @ ltr turbo Hayabusa drag quad.

February 2008:
Here's an update to Dave Gibson's Mr. Turbo powered Busa ATV. He said the first version was simply un-ridable! So, extreme measures are being taken to solve this problem. I'd say he's serious. We will keep you posted on his progress.

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