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Customer Gallery

Joseph Johnson
Honda CB 900F

"This is my 1981 CB 900F Honda. I purchased a Universal Turbo System from you [Mr Turbo]. Lee Shierts rebuilt the motor, installed a 1123 kit and at 10 lbs of boost, it is close to 200 rear wheel horsepower. I bought this bike new, and it's a daily rider. "
- Joe

Over the years we've built bolt on systems for a large number of bikes, some sold well, some didn't and some we were never able to get to on a timely basis. So, when a guy wants a turbo system for a model that we either never did a system for or we've discontinued, we have a "universal kit" that we can sell. Every component that comes with a finished system is included, except it's all raw parts, blank cast intake manifold, u-bends for building pipes, turbo, wastegate, fuel pump, carb, etc.
Now, these kits are a lot of work! You build it from scratch. But, if you can fabricate, weld, and do basic plumbing and wiring, you can build a system for any bike you wish.
And, that's just what Joseph did. In fact, he did such a nice job, it looks like a production system designed and built here. Lee Shierts at Lee's Performance built the 1123 motor from the original CB 900F unit. Lee did the dyno work for Joseph and at 10 lbs of boost this daily driver lays down close to 200 horsepower on the ground. And, on top of that, it's a show piece!
Good work Joseph, you made us proud!