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Kevin Mullner
Texas Mile World’s Fastest ZX-14
Best of show - at the International Motorcycle Show (click for info)

Kevin Mullner of XXX Chrome Plating is the owner and rider of the world’s fastest ZX-14. As of 4:00pm Sun Oct. 7th, 2007Kevin piloted his Mr. Turbo prep’ed ZX-14 to a cool 230….mph at the infamous Texas Mile, and you still can’t wipe the smile off his face!

Earlier 2007, Kevin commissioned the Mr. Turbo gang to build an AMA Dragbike class legal Super Street ZX-14 for competing in that class at AMA Dragbike events. This bikes future is not only included competing AMA

Dragbike events, but would be the flag ship ofKevin’s chrome business XXX Chrome Plating. Kevin’s work specializes in chroming everything from the plastic body work of sport bikes to the straw you drink your soda from, you name it he can chrome it. So not only did this bike have to be legal for Super Street it had to be a show bike. Kevin’s work has graced many a magazine covers of late, and his bike will most likely follow suit.

The bike was dropped off at Mr. Turbo with barley 400 miles on it and quickly dismantled for the long process of contracting a race (slash!) show bike. Kizer and crew brought all the right parts together for a sound engine, chassis, and turbo system foundation along with lots of chrome, polishing, powder coating, and anodizing. The results are very pleasing to those of us with an appetite for two wheel eye candy and big time horse power.

The Texas Mile, which is ran twice a year at an 8000 ft military run way in South Texas has become quite the rage of top speed connoisseurs of the past few years. It has received much publicity by the media including Hot Rod magazine, Speed Vision, and other popular media. Mr. Turbo is proud that the fastest pass down the track on a two wheeler is none other than Rich Yancy’s Budweiser Busa ridden that day by the Sultan of speed himself Scott Guthrie. Scott posted the top speed ever for a motorcycle on that Texas asphalt of 251…… with Rich’s Mr. Turbo powered Busa. And that same day Rich rode the bike to over 244 mph and then invited Terry to hope on for a first time trip of 239 mph.

So the Texas Mile is already a place of success for Mr. Turbo customers, and should continue to be for sometime. Which is why we decided to take the opportunity of not only going with Kevin, but Eric Williams was taking his 14 also. (See Eric Williams’ stage II ZX-14). Eric’s bike is that red beast seen on our ZX-14 kit info page. Kevin and Eric had never ridden turbo bikes before they threw themselves into the whole Texas Mile experience but after only a few runs they were both posting numbers in the mid 190’s. At the end of Saturday’s runs Kevin had surpassed the 200mph barrier with a posted speed of 209…… so of course Sunday morning brought much anticipation with good weather and hopes of even bigger numbers.

After looking both bikes over thoroughly and making a few small adjustments, Kevin posted first run Sunday morning at 213……mph. Good start! Because of the great turn out of bikes and cars at the Texas Mile, making consecutive runs wasn’t easy with one hour or more waiting in line at the starting line in the unusually hot October sun. And recovering from a run because of the sun and hot leathers wasn’t easy either. But if you wait in line that long and get that hot, you don’t even notice if you’re mid-day run in that heat is 218! Whew!

As the end of the days came, Kevin prepared for the last run and asked the boss “what did you do this time”? Kizer replied “you don’t want to know get on and ride”. And ride he did, Terry dialed a bit more boost into the boost controller, and Kevin hit his marks with the best run of the weekend at 230……mph. Needless to say after that run he was fired up! This guy’s adrenaline was through the roof! The energy he was putting out after that run could power the space shuttle, let alone a ZX-14.

It’s always fun to see that kind of success and all those smiles at days end. And it just shows again that there is no substitute for Boost!