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Customer Gallery

Mike Stone
Beeville, TX
2009 Kawasaki ZX-14 Monster Ed.

System Purchased:
Mr Turbo ZX-14 Stage 2 with Motor and Turbo upgrades
Other After-Market Parts:
turbo piston kit, Carrillo rods, heavy duty springs with titanium retainers, heavy duty cylinder studs and nuts, billet chain tensioner, HP pro steel head gasket, two-stage lock up clutch, Power Commander USB III, and lots of back tires

Vehicle Use/History:
Daily transportation with a KICK! Not that the ZX-14 isn't already fast enough, why not make it faster? Take that back, why not make it quicker? Purchased new, rode 500 miles, then shipped to Mr Turbo for transformation.

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"I have been riding motorcycles since the age of 13. At a 4th of July BBQ, my older brother tossed me the keys to his Suzuki 750 Triple water cooled 2 stroke, and said, "Here ya go". So, there I went. Three hours later, my parents were extrememly unhappy, since I didn't even have a drivers license. I rode dirt bikes as a child and could not wait to ride a street bike. I have owned approximately 20 or more street bikes since then, and have always dreamed of a turbo bike. Carbs, pipes, nitrous, gearing, fuel, cubic inches, dreams; nothing could have prepared me for the performance ability of a daily riding turbo charged motorcycle! With that said, many anxious moments were spent waiting for the completion of this project. I spent many hours checking information on the longevity, reliability, and rideability of turbo motorcycles.

My original plan was to race this motorcycle at the Texas Mile. After the turbo kit was installed and approximately one hundred highway miles later, my plans were forever changed. Some people just build these to race, and that's the only time they ever sit on them. I sit on mine to go to work, play, and relax. It has changed my life. The attention to detail and factory looks, of my '09 Monster ZX-14, have made it more fun to ride than anything else in my entire life. I have over 6,000, and counting, on the bike since it's transformation, and could be no happier. Hats off to Mr Turbo!"

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