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Customer Gallery

Redline Motorsports
Keith Kroeger & Ryan Petersen
Lansdale, PA
2006 Kawasaki ZX-14

System Purchased: Mr Turbo Stage II
- October 2008, Custom Antique Classic (C.A.C.) - Custom Mod. WINNER

"This 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14 bike was built by Redline Motorsports, Inc. of Landsdale, PA by Keith Kroeger and Ryan Petersen. After completeing at Stage II Turbo setup, our customer took the bike and rode it for a few hundred miles. He brought the bike back with the intake pockets burned out of the pistons. By running low octane gas and changing the wastegate spring to maintain more boost was a big mistake. Realizing how much money it would cost him to fix it, we offered to buy the bike and do all the work ourselves. He took the offer to sell the bike and with a freshened up engine, including new MTC turbo pistons, Falicon rods, heavy duty studs, we now have a Mr Turbo Stage II setup capable of a lof of power. With another power adder, Nitrous, a Trac Dynamics 16" over extended swingarm and light weight gold anodized Carrozzeria wheels this bike is now ready for some serious riding. We thank Terry, with Mr Turbo, for all his knowledge and information he shared with us on the phone. Without him none of this was possible."

WinnerSide View
Front Viewkit installed

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