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Customer Gallery

Tom Murphy
Kawasaki ZX14

Everyone who sees this thing loves it. I let my girlfriend's brother take it for a spin (a much better rider then I) with plenty of warning and he was totally blown away about it. That was 3 weeks ago and he's still talking about it. Describes it like warp speed in one of those video games. Say's violent is the only word that really describes the acceleration adequately. I don't ever let anyone on that thing but I felt I could trust him with it. He took good caution to what I told him to expect from it. Never got it over 9K but still did over 160. Told him ya really don't feel what it can do until 10K that's when it just gets plain scary! You know I've had that front wheel of the ground a foot - foot and a half in 4th gear before! Problem is I always run out of room! I've learned to ride it in very short bursts when getting on boost. Bout the time I see 5 on the gauge it's time to throttle off.

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