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Customer Gallery

Mike Fournier
Kawasaki ZX-11
Suzuki Hayabusa

Mike Fournier has been around Hot Rod turbo bikes for a long time. A personal friend and crew member with Mo Parsons and Terry Kizer’s top fuel racing team back in the mid 80’s, Mike has plenty of memories from those days of traveling the country with the Parsons and Kizer team. And after hooking back up with those guys a few years back, Mike made a deal with Mo to buy a ZX-11 turbo bike that he and Terry had built for a customer in previous years. He put his own personal touches on their bike, and has been crazy about its performance. This bike is especially sentimental to him since Mo’s passing last year. Not to be satisfied with one turbo bike, he recently found a Busa in disrepair that benefited from his ability to bring it back to life. Terry put together a stage 1 system for Mike to put the project right, and he’s all smiles. Mike, how are you gonna straddle both of those horse’s at once?

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