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Customer Gallery

Ronnie Henderson
Suzuki Bandit

Old school draw through systems are still the foundation of Motorcycle turbo charging, and here is a nice example. Ronnie Henderson started this project off with the guys at AJ Foyt Kawasaki in Houston, by having a fresh from floor Bandit 1200 as a base. The Foyt crew lowered the bike, had a sweet emerald green paint scheme splashed on and a considerable amount of chrome before turning the bike over to the Mr. Turbo crew. From there things got completely out of hand (depending on your perspective of course) Terry Kizer and company updated the engine with MTC turbo pistons, Carrillo rods, undercut tranny, O-ring block, Heavy Duty valve springs, studs, copper head gasket, etc, etc, etc, top that off with a Mr. Turbo race system, progressive NOS, more chrome, extended swing arm…… are we forgetting anything? Oh yeah the kitchen sink. Well you get the picture. Ronnie’s Bandit is oozing with paint chrome and most important horse power to spare. He is all smiles, and you will be too when you see this one on the street. It’s Nice!

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