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Customer Gallery

Steve Higgins
2008 Suzuki Hayabusa, Mr Turbo Stage I Elite System

"After almost a decade of street racing in the 1970s and buying or trading, then modifying just about ever muscle car and superbike of the time, I thought I knew what power and acceleration really was.

"Mr Turbo has radically changed my definition of power and performance. The acceleration that I experienced now is far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced! Now I know why the Suzuki Hayabusa has the rear scoop - butt catcher - behind the rider! Without that scoop, the g-force would have dragged me off, leaving me sitting on the pavement watching my Busa go off into the sunset without me!

Steve Higgins' 08 Busa

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"With a thorough knowledge of all stock motorcycle engines and transmission limitations, as well as a thorough knowledge of all aspects of physics, Mr Turbo can turn your bike into a reliable, raging road rocket!

"With an quick and easy adjustable wastegate and readily accessible C-16 racing fuel, anyone can adjust the power to their bike to fit any conditions or expectations you desire. Your wallet is the limit! Even on a budget, Mr Turbo can give you the thrill ride of your life, everyday!

"Surprisingly, the turbo kit didn’t alter the characteristics of my bike. The low profile filter has allowed me to ride through all sorts of weather without a problem, and it still starts easy in cold weather.

"During installation at Mr Turbo, I received a wealth of information on “do’s and don’ts”, “how to”s, what to expect, and the very important - “not too much before you’re ready”. The turbo does not need a break-in, period; you do!

"As many bike riders know, starting in 2008, the Hayabusa had some dramatic changes to almost the entire bike. Not only a bigger tougher engine and transmission, but a very useful power control switch which has been unaffected by all of the modifications performed by the vastly wide ranging experience of Mr Turbo. In the low power ‘C’ mode, I get an average of 53.75 mpg! At the flick of a switch, I can go to full power - ‘A’ - mode that produces well over 300+ horsepower and around 200 lb. of torque to the rear wheel!

"I have discovered my limitations are at a high boost of 20 lb. with a tank of straight C-16. The limitations of my Busa will remain unknown. Just because Mr Turbo has provided the awesome power, doesn’t mean you have to find it."