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New Texas Mile Track Record (10/19/09)

GroupNew Texas Mile Track Record!

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With Mr. 265, Shane Stubbs, aboard the Mr Turbo prepared Turbo Hayabusa, Team Mr Turbo and Scott Guthrie Racing pushed the Texas Mile track record to 259.900. The only vehicle that’s been faster than that down the 8,000 foot runway in Goliad, Texas is a jet funny car! After battling shaky wind conditions all weekend that conditions finally presented themselves for a clean run down the paved mile Sunday morning for a record run by Shane and his team.

Nicknamed “Big Stretch”, Scott Guthrie’s Alcohol Busa is a formable opponent to be the top contender for the fastest motorcycle ever to run the standing mile. And, with this 259 pass at the Texas Mile, only one bike is still ahead of Shane on the “standing mile over 200 list”. (See suzukihayabusa.org maximum overdrive) Rich Yancy’s “Bud Bike” is the #1 bike on that list at 260.288 with Lee Shirts as the pilot at the Maxton Mile, which, by the way, is a Mr Turbo equipped Busa. In fact, five out of the top ten fastest bikes in the standing mile are Mr Turbo powered motorcycles. Too cool!

So, congratulations to team Mr Turbo and Scott Guthrie Racing for another great job in the world of land speed racing. Also, a big congratulations to Shane Stubbs for breaking his second track record in the two months! Wow!


Turbosmart Product Release (6/11/09)

Turbosmart LogoNew from Mr Turbo is the award winning product line of Turbosmart Performance Products. These unique and beautifully machined hot rod parts can be an excellent add on or upgrade to your current project or possibly one you're planning now. From beautifully crafted race proven wastegates to SEMA award winning boost controllers, this product line is some of the finest control products available for any turbo application. If your in need of quality components made of the best materials and hand crafted workmanship, take a look at these special parts.

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The Drag Racing Community Loses an Icon - Bill Hahn Sr. (5/4/09)

As posted on dragbike.com:

The motorcycle performance world lost an icon Saturday May 2. My father, Bill Hahn, lost his battle with lung cancer on this day.

He is survived by grandchildren Adam and Cara, and myself, Bill Hahn Jr.

Bill Hahn's career spanned four decades. From his first work with the brand-new Honda 750 in 1969, to the most sophisticated Funnybike ever conceived, his contributions to our sport have been numerous and significant.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Bill Hahn Memorial Website fund will be accepted. The proceeds will be used to convert Bill's extensive racing video and photograph collection to digital format and create a website. This priceless collection features hundreds of images and many hours of video chronicling a long and exciting career. The website will enable countless fans to enjoy Bill's genius and dedication while taking a long, fun walk down Memory Lane. Any proceeds gathered in excess of the project cost will be donated to the Drag Racing Association of Women (DRAW), a wonderful organization who helps racers and their families in need.

If you'd like to donate, please email sales@turbosystem.com. Your generosity will ensure that Bill's magnificent story is immortalized for all to see and enjoy!
If you have a fun story or good memory of Bill you'd like to share in this thread, please click here to post.

Thank you everyone for the kindness,
Bill Hahn Jr.
Lori Hahn
Adam Hahn
Cara Hahn

The Drag Racing Community Loses an Icon - Bill Hahn Sr. | A Letter From Terry Kizer in Memorial (5/4/09)

As I told Bill Hahn, Sr. a couple of weeks ago, "Anytime your name would come up in a conversation around here between Mo & I over the years, we would get a smile on our face." Not because he was always so pleasing to be around, you understand, but because despite his ornery disposition, we always had a great time together. From the time we first started racing with him in the late 70's, to being fierce competitors rivaling him all through the 80's, we always had great respect for Bill.

Our respect was based on our mutual interest in this sport, and the many innovations he contributed to it. I have a unique perspective on this because I was blessed to have campaigned two of his very unique creations - his first Funny Bike and his first Top Fuel Bike. So, spending the amount of time working on, racing, and traveling with him and these machines was a education I will always honor.

Not only was he the original turbo motorcycle innovator, he came up with countless products that we all take for granted now. He used to make so many parts out of billet aluminum, we finally got to the point of just asking, "OK Bill, how many cases of beer did it take to make that part?" He would just chuckle.

The fact is, I wouldn't be doing what I do for a living if if weren't for Bill Hahn, Sr. I'm sure someone would have finally strapped a turbo to a motorcycle engine along the way, but it may not have happened with the right timing for a skinny kid from Houston to have been asked to ride some of the fastest vehicles ever to go down asphalt.

Thanks Bill, after our conversations over these last couple of weeks, I take great comfort in knowing that you're probably telling Elmer and Mo about your latest "go fast" brain storm as we speak.

And, thank you Bill Jr. for allowing me this time with your dad over the last few weeks. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope you get that same smile on your face when you think about him.

Terry Kizer


Press Release - The New Look of Mr Turbo (12/10/08)

Homepage ScreenshotThe New Look of Mr Turbo
On December 24th, Mr Turbo will have a new look, new products, and new prices!

Undoubtedly long overdue, the new website will be full of new features and great products. Everything you need for your basic 200 horsepower street turbo system, to full-on 500 plus horsepower, gas or methanol, race systems. A full line of products available for engine builds, chassis parts, turbo rebuilds and upgrades, fuel system components, wastegates, boost controllers, ignitions, scavenge pumps, gaskets, hoses, and hardware; you name it, they’ve got it. Their new website will be loaded with easy to use features to make finding the information you’re looking for a breeze. There will be constant weekly updates, including the FAQ section to better help with those nagging questions, about your pride and joy, that wake you up at night.

2009 marks Mr Turbo’s 29th year of manufacturing turbo systems for street bikes, drag bikes, and top speed motorcycles. They’re dedicated to the pursuit of two wheeled horsepower and speed. They will put their experience, of over 30 years of setting records and winning championships, to work for you.

So, if Santa forgets to put that special part you’ve been dying for under your tree this year, fire up your computer and type in www.mrturbo.com. Their new website will be up and running on Christmas Eve! You’ll find all the right goodies to get your heart rate pumping, while you’re thinking about 2009 and your need for speed!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the horsepower junkies at Mr Turbo.


Mo Parsons (7/4/07)

To our friends and customers,Terry Kizer, Cindy Kizer, Mo Parsons
Some of you may or may not know, but on Tuesday, July 4, 2007, we lost our friend and life-long partner in racing, Mo Parsons. Mo is the very reason Terry was involved in drag racing and the high performance motorcycle business. As Terry has said before, "When I met Mo in 1977, I didn't even know what a turbo was." But, he quickly learned that and more from the guy that many in racing labeled as "Genius". His ability to build and tune cars, boats, and motorcycles is legendary. By the time he and Terry joined forces in the late seventies, he had accomplished much on the racetracks around Texas with his hot rod cars and motorcycles. He personified the old saying, "He who dies with the most toys wins."
He may not have still had all his toys in the garage, but in his lifetime, he had everything from 100+ mph dragboats to the fastest and most powerful street and drag bikes on the planet. Everyone that ever knew Mo as a friend, foe, or competitor quickly came to respect him for his incredible intelligence and quiet ability to solve problems. When he and Terry showed up to their first national drag race in 1978, they set a national record, on Mo's turbo bike. The first race they came to in 1979 aboard a new Kosman chassised pro comp bike, they not only set a new record in that class by nearly four tenths of a second, but were accused of cheating because they were beating their competitors by such a large margin. But the racing organization soon realized they weren't cheating, they were working harder than everybody else. And that's what they did their entire racing career, setting dozens of records and stacking up championships as if it were easy. Mo and Terry slowed down their racing efforts over the past few years busying themselves with work, family and friends. Mo's expertise and teaching remain behind with all who knew and worked with him, but a great void of friendship and love from his loving character is left also. Thanks so much to all of you who have called and emailed with your thoughts and condolences over the last few days. God Speed, Mo Parsons. Information on services are available on www.dragbike.com.


Product Release - Mr Turbo Hayabusa Fuel Injection Upgrade (8/15/02)

New Products from
Mr Turbo
Does Your Hayabusa Need More Fuel?

Looking for a wider range of fuel injector choices for your Hayabusa? Making more power than those stock nozzles can muster? Let Mr Turbo convert your stock fuel injection system to Bosch style injectors and billet fuel rail. Developed for the increased horsepower now being made on Turbo Hayabusas, Mr Turbo is now offering this modification to the stock throttle bodies. Multiple fuel pressure regulators and fuel pump choices, makes this the ultimate setup for choosing any power level you need. Also available from Mr Turbo is a stand alone EFI controller to eliminate mapping problems.


Product Release - Mr Turbo Ninja Oil Bypass (7/15/02)

New Products from
Mr Turbo
Attn Kawasaki ZX-10 / ZX-11/ ZRX Owners

In 1984, Kawasaki introduced their new water cooled "Ninja" series motor. This is the motor that is being used on the current ZX-10, ZX-11, and ZRX models. Over the years, many of the engine components have been improved, strenghened, and updated. Although this is an exceptional high performance engine for the 1990's, many of these engines have suffered from an oil starvation problem on #3 and #4 rod journals.

The problem is very simple. The right side engine oiling system is overtaxed due to the number of components being supplied. When the oil leaves the pump, it is carried to the front of the engine by way of a steel tube. This tube then splits in two directions. In one direction, oil is carried immediately to two left main bearing, which also supplies #1and #2 rod journals. In the other direction, it has to supply # 3 and #4 rods, the balancer, the starter clutch and shaft, the top end, and the three main bearings.

The MR TURBO Oil By Pass System is designed to redirect the route the oil takes. This system supplies the #3 and #4 rod by a more direct path without sacrificing oil to any of the other components.

Simply ship your oil pan to us, and we will perform the necessary machine work and supply you with the hardware and instructions for reinstallation.

Maximum Motorsports' Busa (5/2/01)


OK, you think you've seen fast street bikes. Yea, your buddy has a bike that he's been pouring money into for a while, he's got the motor making big power, but he can not get it down the track. So he slams it and stretchs it. Now he gets good 60 ft's and keeps the front end stuck so he can make a full tilt pass and get the most out of his pride and joy. Maybe he knock's off some low 9's.

If he has good power, say 200 plus, maybe he got it in the high 8's. Now that's a stout street bike. He's all smiles, your blown away at a street bike that can bang off high 8's. Yes there are those Prostar Street Shootout bikes running low 8's and high 7's, but those are 68" wheelbase race bikes with lights hung on them. You're proud of your bud's bike because he's gonna drive it to the local hang out after the drags tonight. So your all patting each other on the back when you see this guy from Long Island pull up to the line on his turbo 'Busa'. As he blast down the track you take notice of how much ground he's covering, so you anticipate a pretty hot lap. But nothing prepares you for what the scoreboard offers up. You see the numbers pop up but you're sure the time must be a mistake. Either that or you put your dad's glasses on by mistake this morning! Nope .... it's no fluke. You've just witness the quickest pass anywhere by a stock wheel base motorcycle. 8.720 @ 169.87 mph Yes, a stock wheelbase 'Busa' with a out of the box Mr. Turbo street system that Maximum Motorsport (631 727-5988) out of Riverhead, New York is running. This monster was assembled as a tool for bringing attention to Ken Sforza's Maximum and to Joey Hahn's expertise in the field of motorcycle drag racing and the assembly of top notch street and racing machinery. Starting with a stock 'Busa', Maximum Motorsports ordered up one of many Mr. Turbo systems that he has installed. And after installing Mr. Turbo recommended valve springs and cylinder spacer for the higher boost level they planned to run, the stock chassis was lowered, a MTC multi-stage lock-up clutch was installed and Maximum Motorsports went to work at the track. Maximum Motorsports's goal from the beginning was to be the quickest stock wheel base bike around. Joe, who is crew chief of the team, has built plenty of stretch bikes and all out dragbikes over the years so the predictability and expectation of those kinds of bikes is not without challenge but expected none the less. They wanted to see if he could get this stock wheelbase motorcycle in the low 9's or maybe even some 8's. With John Flood at the controls and a great deal of time spent dialing in the clutch and chassis, Maximum Motorsports have enjoyed quite a string of sub 9 second runs here in the early spring. They struggled at first with track conditions that weren't quite up to par, running 9.0's over and over. But finally a good track and just the right set up, and with a first class pilot aboard, they finally got their wish jumping into the 8's with an 8.86 @ 166.02 mph. Then after a couple of weekends running 8.80's, they nursed this bad boy to an unheard of 8.72 @ 169.87 mph. Now anyway you cut it, there is no denying that John has his act together in controlling this 300 plus horsepower beast and Joe is on top of his game with setting up what we think is one of the meanest street bike performance ever witnessed. Congratulations to Ken Sforza, Joe Hahn, John Flood, and all the people at Maximum Motorsports on this awesome performance. But we know they aren't resting, with a 8.72 in the bag, they now have their sights set on 8.60's ..... Stay Tuned


Product Release - Mr Turbo Multi-Stage Boost Controller (10/31/00)


The MSBC-1 Multi-Stage Boost Controller has been designed to allow the turbo charged vehicle owner to achieve the maximum vehicle potential in a controlled and repeatable manner. It has been designed to be a flexible electronic waste gate control solution for the performance street, dirt, and drag race markets. The MSBC-1 has the multi-stage and control flexibility produce repeatable, controlled boost profiles with a variety of turbo systems and applications in a cost effective and easy to use package.
The MSBC-1 can be used in many high performance applications that require incremental boost control. This might be using the MSBC-1 to provide low, mid, and high boost stages for your street or dirt vehicle or creating a separate stage for each gear in a drag race application.

The MSBC-1 has the following features:

* Up to nine stage programmable boost control.
* 0-60 psi target boost range for each stage (1 psi increments)
* Five different ramp settings to control how fast boost is allowed to build.
* Launch stage for drag racing.
* Shift input for automatic stage selection for drag racing.
* Front panel stage selection by driver for street or dirt use.
* Readout of actual boost during boost control.
* Two analog data recorder outputs - Actual boost level. Target boost level.
* Two solenoid drive outputs - One increase boost output. One decrease boost output.
* Can be used with single or dual port waste gate.
* Uses electronic pressure sensor in manifold to monitor and control boost.
* Will force waste gate to produce preset target boost level even with air density, load, or mechanical variations.

The MSBC-1 is an easy to use, cost effective tool to help you get the most out of your turbo vehicle.


Product Release - Hayabusa Street Lethal Turbo System (2/14/00)