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Team Mr Turbo
Shane Stubbs
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ShaneShane Stubbs
Scott Guthrie & Mr Turbo Racing

Houston, TX

Suzuki Hayabusa
Mr Turbo & Stubbs Racing Race System
Bike Performance: 500+ hp

Racing Status: Active
Class: Land Speed Racing
Years Racing: 20
Recognition: Texas Mile Track Record Holder, Loring Track Record Holder (5 class records), 2009 Fast MPH @ Maxton (4 class records)

"Without Terry, none of this would have happened. He took me to the Texas Mile last year for the October '08 meet; after that, I was hooked. The people that make up land speed racing make the sport! In one year, we have accomplished a lot on any scale. Huge thanks to Terry for always making sure we were ready to go every time! For the best customer service before and "after" the sale, think Mr Turbo!"
~Shane Stubbs

Coming Soon


The 2009 Race Series starts March 7th. We will have information up as soon as possible.