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Mr. Turbo ZRX
Turbo System

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- 0-8psi: 92-octane pump gasoline, octane booster recommended.

- 9+ psi: Race gasoline for turbo and/or supercharged applications (VP C16, etc…)


Race gas and octane booster are not required when driving the bike at normal speeds and when not applying boost.  As you will learn, a turbo is only in boost when you twist your throttle telling it to do so.  A turbo is not an uncontrollable device, and using common sense and throttle control will regulate how much and when boost is used.

Octane boosters can be deceptive.  Be sure that the booster that you choose to use is acceptable for turbo or supercharged applications as many are not.  In the past, we have used 104 Octane Booster.  There are two versions of this product available; a red bottle that is intended for light duty street engines, and black bottle that is usable for turbocharged applications.