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Mr Turbo Hayabusa
Turbo System

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The Suzuki Hayabusa… what more needs to be said? This motorcycle has earned a reputation like none other in the history of two wheels. After total dominance of the high performance factory motorcycles by Kawasaki for all those years from the early 70’s, clear through the late 90’s, nobody was expecting Suzuki to turn those tables. Nobody, but Suzuki. But now after ten years of major success, history has definitely been written in stone on this bike. The Hayabusa has settled in as the king of sport bikes, and quite comfortably for many years now. But, in the world we live in around here, we measure a motorcycle, a motorcycle engine more specifically , by how far we can push it. How much will it take? Power, torque, boost, big tires, big speed.

As you may have noticed over the years, we’ve set a few records around here. And, we’ve set many of them now with the “Busa”. And, we will most likely set a few more, along with our many customers who have done the same, because this engine has earned our trust in what we can do with it. The lower end is practically bullet proof. The crank is good for over 700 hp so far, stock rods are good to 350 hp, and the stock tranny has literally ran high six second passes in the an eleven inch tire Pro Mod bike. With forged pistons from the factory, good cams, and a very efficient head design, the top end has proved to be very reliable under extreme conditions as well.

Head chief, cook and bottle washer (aka Terry Kizer), coined the phrase a few years back, “That this bike has become the small block Chevy of the motorcycle world.” This is all too apparent when you understand how universal this engine has become. We’ve built engines and turbo systems for applications ranging from four-wheel dragsters, 500 hp ATV’s, SCCA Road Racing vehicles, tractor pull machines, to actual really fast motorcycles, all using this engine. There are so many after market parts available for it, there is almost nothing it can’t be used for when it comes to big power in a small package.

So, whether you’re just wanting to add some spice to your life with a bolt on turbo system for your street bike, or your hell bent on blasting to record breaking power levels for a racing application, we can put a package together to pull off your dream. Give us a call, we can help.

- 0-8psi: 92-octane pump gasoline, octane booster recommended.

- 9+ psi: Race gasoline for turbo and/or supercharged applications (VP C16, etc…)


Race gas and octane booster are not required when driving the bike at normal speeds and when not applying boost.  As you will learn, a turbo is only in boost when you twist your throttle telling it to do so.  A turbo is not an uncontrollable device, and using common sense and throttle control will regulate how much and when boost is used.

Octane boosters can be deceptive.  Be sure that the booster that you choose to use is acceptable for turbo or supercharged applications as many are not.  In the past, we have used 104 Octane Booster.  There are two versions of this product available; a red bottle that is intended for light duty street engines, and black bottle that is usable for turbocharged applications.